The Together Project

Visualising the graph of acknowledgements between people growing and being awesome.
  • Ability to post up your skills and requests on your profile
  • Ability to get notified* when you match a particular request and a way to explore and find projects or requests that might be of interest to you.
  • A way to express your gratitude by posting an ‘acknowledgment’ to the other person’s profile and to the acknowledgement graph as a whole
The picture on the left is the current working app. Some recent design ideas are on the right.
Acknowledgements in the app — hooked up to an actual database — and some early design concepts.
  • community trading projects
  • timebank projects
  • mutual aid projects
  • community credit projects
  • artist collectives
  • gardening groups
  • community-supported agriculture
  • slick, paid software — with a ‘catch’ of various kinds, or…
  • open-source options — with clunky, mostly website based interfaces and no mobile notifications*.
  • Like many open-source projects, there are no strict boundaries or hierarchy — people just turn up. But here’s the crew from our last zoom call. Sadly an excellent designer and contributor, Courtenay, was missing from this particular zoom.
(Credit to Edmondo Gnerre for this awesome photo)
  • Guilds and ‘badges’. Badges would show you have certain skills relevant to the group. For instance, a badge from the audio and lighting guild would indicate they trust you to set up and run the PA at a particular venue.
  • Proof of attendance badges for events.
  • Reputation scores of some kind.
  • Letting you attach time bank hours, mutual credit tokens when you make an acknowledgement. We’re keen to incorporate support for Credit Commons back ends as well.
  • Notifying people who want to ‘pay it forward’ of opportunities to ‘close loops’ as a way to encourage the viral growth of reciprocity. Attaching cashless stake to acknowledgements and then letting people clear that stake via reciprocity.
  • Letting you share an acknowledgement on the web as a public statement of appreciation and commitment to ‘pay it forward.’
  • Public profiles showing off your acknowledgements and other contributions you’ve made — with photos and testimonials.
  • Conversational interface — imagine just communicating as normal on twitter or slack and having AI recognise requests or acknowledgements and with your supervision build the acknowledgement graph and send out request notifications behind the scenes



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Miles Gray

Miles Gray

Co-founder of Cashless. Interested in economics, community, and the intersection of the social and technical. Programmer, mathematician, and AI engineer.